Sprayed insulation in the can "VASmann thermofoam" from the manufacturer

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Application temperature : +5 to 35°C
Capacity: 890 ml
Bottle weight: 975 g
Perfomance: 2.5 sq.
Working life: 12 months
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3-way quality control


Delivery in the EU,
EEU and around the world


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Insulation of walls, roof partitions

Insulation of all types of pipelines

Insulation of special purpose vehicles (insulated vans)

Insulation of hard-to-reach and uneven surfaces

Application of sprayed insulation

Application of sprayed insulation

Application of sprayed insulation

Sprayed insulation in a cylinder
from the manufacturer

Easy to use-for spraying does not require additional materials and tools, except for the mounting gun

Time saving, the ability to apply to uneven and hard-to-reach surfaces

High adhesion to building materials: concrete, brick, aerated concrete, wood, metal profile, etc.

The sprayed insulation. Characteristics

The sprayed insulation. Characteristics

  • Description

    Insulation sprayed VASmann termofoam - a one-component, ready-to-use, polyurethane insulation in aerosol packaging. Designed for insulation of walls, partitions inside and outside of domestic and industrial premises, structures, pipelines, special purpose vehicles (isothermal vans) by spraying on the surface with a gun for mounting foam and a special spray nozzle. Hardens under the action of moisture. Does not contain ozone-depleting substances. CAPACITY up to 2.5 m2 with a layer thickness of 2 cm.

  • Advantages

    • 01
      Consumption of sprayed insulation-2.5 kV/m per cylinder with high thermal insulation performance
    • 02
      Ease of use. Possibility of vertical and horizontal application
    • 03
      Possibility of application at ambient temperature from +5°C to +35°C

The order of application of sprayed insulation


Step 1

Collect one of the special nozzles included in the kit: depending on the method of application-horizontal or vertical


Step 2

To do this, insert one of the spray heads into the hexagonal hole of the base. Firmly put the nozzle on the nozzle of the gun.


Step 3

As much as possible to Unscrew the adjusting screw of the gun, during operation the cylinder should be " BOTTOM UP»


Step 4

Until the end of squeeze trigger pistol, inflict priming tier, his the thickness of the should not exceed 1.0-1.5 see the Thickness of the second and subsequent strata can be from 1.0 until 3.0 see


Step 5

When spraying insulation, it is recommended to observe the time interval between layers of 2-3 minutes or moisten each layer after application with water from the spray.

When using the product, the temperature of the insulation cylinder recommended by the manufacturer should be strictly observed.

Humidification of the work site before and after spraying, will achieve a better structure of the product.

The surface at the work site should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, dust and oil stains. Pre-moisten

Deliver throughout all European Union and the world

Deliver throughout all European Union and the world

By rail, sea, road transport. Network of own warehouses.

Warehouse in Eastern Europe
Warehouse address:
Dobeles Highway, 2, Jelgava, Latvia, LV-3007
Warehouse in Central Europe
Czech Republic, 12800, Prague, Nezamyslova 509/2
Czech Republic, 12800, Prague, Nezamyslova 509/2
Warehouse in Russia
Warehouse address:
Russia, Moscow, Dmitrovskaya str. 2 b

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About company

The company "VASmann" - 12 years of experience

Компания ВАСМАНН - 12 лет опыта

Trade production company, founded in 2007. The main activity is the production of polyurethane foam, silicon sealants and paints and varnishes, their delivery to distribution networks throughout the world.

High technology equipment
Premium European raw materials
Partners in 16 countries, on 3 continents
3 large warehouses - Czech, Latvia and Russia
Sending orders around the world for 24 hours
Team «VASmann»

We are a team of professionals

Valery Kazakov

Valery Kazakov

General Director

Hello, my name is Valery Kazakov.

I am the general director of the company "VASmann".
To maximize compliance with customer requirements and the competitive environment, company policy VASmann is based on the following principles:
  • Clients of the company are our partners whom we help in the solution of professional problems of installation and sealing at construction.
  • Only consistently high quality capable of ensuring the success and prosperity of the Russian manufacturer of foam VASmann and companies of our clients.
  • Achieving a balanced ratio of pricing policy with the same quality of construction chemicals and qualified personnel in the production-the key to the release of a quality product.
  • The operation of the enterprise ultimately depends on each individual employee.
  • The functioning of the enterprise ultimately depends on High motivation, continuous training and professional development of our staff allows us to respond quickly to market changes, to produce and supply high-quality mounting foam, sealants and paints, thereby contributing to the development of business of our partners.
How we work

European quality of production

Production of polyurethane foam

Manufacturer of polyurethane foam VASmann equipped with the most modern and high-tech to date equipment.

Production capacity

Production capacity VASmann allow for the sale of the sealants and installation foam wholesale worldwide.

Production of sealants

Modern technologies of production of silicone, acrylic and polyurethane sealants are the guarantee of high quality products.

Quality products VASmann

Raw materials of the world's leading suppliers of chemical components are used for the production of foam and sealants.

Certificates and licenses

All products are certified
and licensed

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